Alan Moore, eco-poet

Read a couple of Alan Moore ‘Saga of Swamp Thing’ this summer, and invested in the rest of the six volumes recently. Much to admire in terms of story, phrasing, ecopoetics and there are some classic storylines eg nuclear annihilation, slavery etc. Was not expecting to be so utterly beguiled by ‘Pog’, the tale of a mini alien race looking for a new planet to start again. Poignant, and the alien language brilliantly and innovatively rendered. Kudos, sir!

Cluster Bombs ... SAD!

Sad to catch up on this article I missed from December 2017

Am I naive to think that my poem ‘The Afterlife’ had become something obsolete? Share in the hopes the purveyors of such weaponry please desist….?

Audio at

Magma 72

Climate Change Issue

delighted to have a poem forthcoming in this issue, out in November.

it’s entitled ‘an eco-worrier tweets’, although i don’t suspect the tweet will replace haiku any time soon.

might start a twitter account and post a tweet from it every day (there are 5) once it’s released